Space Food Empires
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Technology in the Space Food Empires mod is separated into common technology that can be researched by all empires, and racial technologies that are intended to be used with their corresponding empires. There are many new components and facilities, so be sure to check each section to see what they are.


HPs Hit Points SPs Shield Points
PSPs Phased-Shield Points SGFD Shield Generation From Damage
Cs; Ps; Ls Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids RPs Research Points
IPs Intelligence Points (X) # of Tech Levels
(F) Fighter Specific (T) Troop Specific

Updated! Item modified in the lastest version.
New! Item added during the last update.

Click on the empire name to display details about their unique racial technologies.

Space Food Empires General Components | General Weapons | General Facilities
Banana Star RepublicBanana Star Republic Broccoli CollectiveBroccoli Collective
Carrot ImperiumCarrot Imperium Corn CoalitionCorn Coalition
Fruit FederationFruit Federation Meat EmpireMeat Empire
Potato RepublicPotato Republic Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch
Tomato OrderTomato Order Vegetable DominionVegetable Dominion


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