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...In a strange universe unlike our own, everyday food has evolved into complex sentient lifeforms and have developed their own civilizations and cultures that now hover on the brink of the final frontier, space...

Space Food Empires is a mod for Malfador Machinations' Space Empires IV, based on the concept of an alternate universe populated by empires of food.

Space Food EmpiresUpdates

01 February 2007
Greetings. The Space Food Empires Mod for SE:IV has definately been discontinued, but I would like to revisit the mod for SE:V once work on the Balance Mod settles down.

13 September 2006
I've released the system files from Space Food Empires as Kwok's Galaxy Mod. It has all the neat features listed in the last news item. You can find it more information and download it here: Kwok's Galaxy Mod

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