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Space Food EmpiresGeneral Facilities

The facilities file remains one of the less developed areas of the mod. Note that most system-wide facilities have been generally reserved for racial technologies.

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Resource Collection

Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Spaceport (1) Spaceport None
Resource Arcology (1) Updated! Resource Generation - (All Resources) Neutral AIs; Resource boost to homeworlds, developed colonies
Carbohydrate Collector (10) Updated! Resource Generation - Minerals 50~125T Carbs; -1% Conditions
Carbohydrate Scanner (3) Resource Gen Modifier Planet - Minerals +30~50% to carb production
Protein Harvester (7) Updated! Resource Generation - Organics 40~80T Proteins; -1% Conditions
Protein Processor (3) Updated! Resource Gen Modifier Planet - Organics; Planet - Change Population Happiness +30~50% to protein production; -2% Happiness; -3% Conditions
Lipid Extractor (5) Updated! Resource Generation - Radioactives 30~60T Lipids; -1% Conditions
Lipid Refinery (3) Updated! Resource Gen Modifier Planet - Radioactives; Planet - Change Population Happiness +10~30% to lipid production; -2% Happiness; -3% Conditions
Nutrient Harvester (3) Updated! Resource Generation - (All Resources); Planet - Change Population Happiness 60~80T Carbs; 40~50T Proteins; 30~40T Lipids; -2% Conditions
Robot Factory (3) Updated! Resource Gen Modifier Planet - (All Resources); Planet - Change Population Happiness +10~30% to production; -2% Happiness; -2% Conditions
Recycling Plant (3) Updated! Resource Reclamation; Planet - Change Population Happiness 40~60% Scrap return; -3% Happiness; -2% Conditions
Compost Facility (3) Resource Reclamation Compost Experts; 70~90% scrap return
Resource Converter (3) Updated! Resource Conversion; Planet - Change Population Happiness 60%~40% Conversion loss; -1% Happiness
Enzymatic Converter (3) Resource Conversion Enzyme Experts; 30%~10% Conversion loss
Space Moss Converter (3) Solar Resource Generation - (All Resources) Generates 20~40T Carbs; 10T~15T Proteins; 10T~20T Lipids
Photosynthesis Array (3) New! Solar Resource Generation - (All Resources) Photosynthesis Experts; Generates 40T~60T Carbs; 20T~40T Proteins; 20T~30T Lipids

Research and Intelligence

Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Research Lab (5) Point Generation - Research 500~1000 RPs
Super Computer Complex (3) Planet Point Generation Modifier - Research +10~30% research bonus
Intelligence Compound (5) Point Generation - Intelligence 500-1000 IPs
Computer Databank (3) Planet Point Generation Modifier - Intelligence +10~30% intelligence bonus

Population Support

Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Medical Center (5) Plague Prevention - System Prevents Level 1~5 plagues
Cloning Complex (3) New! Modify Reproduction - System +1~3% Reproduction
Habitat (2) New! Planet - Change Population Happiness; Planet - Change Conditions +1~2% Happiness; +1% Conditions
Pacification Center (1) New! Planet - Change Population Happiness +2~3% Happiness

Ship Support

Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Space Yard (5) Updated! Space Yard; Component Repair; Planet - Change Conditions 150~300 Carbs; 90~200 Proteins; 75~150 Lipids; 3~5 Repair; -2% Conditions
Space Yard Expansion (2) New! Space Yard; Planet - Change Conditions 40~60 Carbs; 30~40 Proteins; 20~30 Lipids; -1% Conditions
Repair Depot (3) Component Repair; Maintenance Reduction 15~25 Repair; -10% Maintenance
Resupply Base (3) Supply Generation; Cargo Storage Resupplies ships; 500~1000kT Cargo


Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Space Academy (3) Updated! Ship Training - System Neutral AIs; 3~9% Experience at 1% each turn
Fleet Command (3) Updated! Fleet Training - System Neutral AIs; 3~9% Experience at 1% each turn
Military Base (3) Shield Generation; Cargo Storage Neutral AIs; 1000~2000 PSPs; 1000kT Cargo
Planet Shield Generator (5) Shield Generation 3000~5000 SPs
Planet Phased-Shield Generator (3) Phased Shield Generation 4000~5000 PSPs
Planet Core Shield (1) Stop Planet Destroyer None
System Interdictor (1) Stop (Stellar Manipulation) Prevents Warp Point and System manipulation


Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Carbohydrate Storage Complex (5) Updated! Resource Storage - Minerals 2000~5000T Carb storage
Protein Storage Complex (5) Updated! Resource Storage - Organics 1500~4000T Protein storage
Lipid Storage Tanks (3) Updated! Resource Storage - Radioactives 1000~3000T Lipid storage
Nutrient Storage Complex (3) Updated! Resource Storage - (All Resources) 2000~3000T Carbs; 1000~2000T Proteins; 500~1500T Lipids
Cargo Facility (5) Cargo Storage 1000kT~3000kT Cargo storage
Cargo Facility (CGX) (5) Cargo Storage Cargo Experts; 3000kT~5000kT Cargo storage

Planet Modification

Facility (Levels) Abilities Notes
Space Moss Farm (2) Updated! Planet - Change Conditions; Planet - Change Population Happiness +1~2% Conditions; +1% Happiness
Planet Conditioner (4) Updated! Planet - Change Conditions +3~6% Conditions
Nutrient Improvement Plant (3) Planet - Change (All Resources) Value +1~3% Planet value
Terraforming Station (3) Planet - Change Atmosphere 60~40 turns to convert

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