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Space Yards

In the mod, each major empire is equipped with their own customized ship sizes and types that are designed to reflect the character of the race. At this time, I haven't included transports, colony ships or bases, and the dimension figures when given are approximate. I'll be posting ship images as they become available. Most of the ships have been sketched on paper and its more of getting the time to build the 3D models and textures.


Carbohydrate CostCarbohydrate Cost Protein CostProtein Cost Lipid CostLipid Cost
Engines per Move | Max # EnginesEngines per Move | Max # Engines Life Supports# Life Supports Crew Quarters# Crew Quarters
Maintenance CostBase Maintenance Rate Attack | Defense ModifiersAttack | Defense Modifiers
Length (m)Length (metres) Width (m)Width (metres) Height (m)Height (metres)

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Banana Star RepublicBanana Star Republic Broccoli CollectiveBroccoli Collective
Carrot ImperiumCarrot Imperium Corn CoalitionCorn Coalition
Fruit FederationFruit Federation Meat EmpireMeat Empire
Potato RepublicPotato Republic Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch
Tomato OrderTomato Order Vegetable DominionVegetable Dominion


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