Space Food Empires
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After a number of early beta releases, it has become obvious there is still a lot to work on. Some of the items on the to-do list including bug fixes, balance issues, adding new elements, and a ton of graphics work. The next major version (0.30) will be a significant milestone, so check back from time to time to monitor its progress.

Current Mod History: Space Food Empires v0.22

Data Files

Data File % Complete Data File % Complete
CompEnhancement.txt 85 Components.txt 99
Cultures.txt 100 Events.txt 100
Facility.txt 99 Formations.txt 50
Happiness.txt 100 IntelProjects.txt 100
PlanetSize.txt 100 QuadrantTypes.txt 90
RacialTraits.txt 100 SectType.txt 90
Settings.txt 100 StellarAbilityTypes.txt 90
TechArea.txt 99 VehicleSize.txt 90

AI Files

File % Complete
Default 20
Main Empires 40
Neutral 10


Type % Complete
Game/UI 80
Systems 80
Planets 5
Combat 99
Ships 10
Components 5
Facilities 5


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