Space Food Empires
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Version 0.22 of the Space Food Empires mod has been released. It's just a quick patch to make a few changes to some of the newer items and addressing some other minor issues uncovered in the beta test games. This patch is compatible with version 0.2x savegames. You can view the revision history here: Space Food Empires v0.22 History.

Please note you'll have to download the full version 0.20 if you haven't done so already in order to apply the 0.22 patch!

Available Downloads:


SFEmod v0.22 beta .zip File | SFEmod v0.22 beta .rar File

Full Versions:

SFEmod v0.20 beta .zip File | SFEmod v0.20 beta .rar File

Items in the current release:

  • 99% of planned components and weapons
  • 99% of planned facilities
  • 12 new speciality racial traits
  • Quick-start race styles
  • Optimized 2000pt empire files
  • Majority of unique empire ship types
  • 100 unique system types
  • 225 custom events
  • Facility pollution
  • Basic AI that can colonize and build small ships and facilities
  • 95% of intended unique combat images
  • 10 custom nebula images

Items pending or not in this release:

  • Custom ship images (currently coloured generic ships)
  • Race portraits (currently Race flags)
  • Custom component images (currently stock images)
  • Custom facility images (currently stock images)
  • Custom planet images
  • Unique sector types (Currently stock ones)
  • Quadrant types (Currently only 5 basic ones)
  • Advanced/optimized AI
  • No neutral races
  • 3000pt and 5000pt empire files


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