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Here are some links to other Space Empires websites. Be sure to bug their owners to update them on a more regular basis.

Malfador MachinationsMalfador Machinations
Developer of the Space Empires series including Space Empires IV, Star Fury, and the upcoming Space Empires V.

Shrapnel GamesShrapnel Games
Original publisher of Space Empires IV and Star Fury. Also host the most active Space Empires forum.

Strategy FirstStrategy First
New publisher for the Space Empires series, including SE:IV Deluxe and Star Fury.

Space Empires WikiSpace Empires Wiki
Space Empires very own wiki covering the series from SE:II to Star Fury, and the upcoming SE:V. It's currently under construction, but will shortly be the top Space Empires resource for newbies and SE veterans alike.

Run by the community, the place to go to get into SE:IV multiplayer games.

King of the HillPBW King of the Hill
A league of PBW players dedicated to pure conquest.

Space Empires DepotSpace Empires Depot
My website for Space Empires related projects, resources, and future roleplaying.
Fyron's website with all sorts of Space Empires downloads, forums, stories, and other items too numerous to name here.

Universal ShipyardsUniversal Shipyards
John Beech's Space Empires website with shipsets, ship making tutorials, and various downloads.

Star Trek ModAtrocities' Star Trek Mod Website
Atrocities' website for the Star Trek Mod complete with downloads and a backstory.

New Age ShipyardsNew Age Shipyards
Atrocities' Space Empires website with many fine Star Trek and original ship sets.

Interstellar AllianceInterstellar Alliance
Kevin Arisa's Space Empires site, home of the Eclipse mod and a number of excellent ship sets.

SE CenterCombat Wombat's Space Empires Center
Combat Wombat's Space Empires website. Home of the Invasion! Mod.

State of the Art ShipyardsState of the Art Shipyards
Troopers' Space Empires website with custom ship sets and the complete race style listing.

Dogscoff's Minimalist WebspaceDogscoff's Minimalist Webspace
Dogscoff's Space Empires website. Contains the Image Neo-standard, shipsets, fan fiction, and the SE4 code.

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