Space Food Empires
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Most of the graphics work hasn't been yet realized, but I will begin to post various images of ships, facilities, components, and space objects (planets, nebula, etc) as I complete them.

Above: A few 'sketch' models made with Moray/Pov-Ray - Carrot Destroyer; Corn Scout; Fruit (Apple) Explorer:

Carrot Frigate Corn Escort Fruit Explorer

These are small portraits of a few nebula that are included with the mod:

A Nebula... ...more nebula... ...last one

The sketeches are of a Banana 'War Peel', a Broccoli Scount ship, and a Broccoli Interceptor:

Banana Warpeel Broccoli Scout Broccoli Interceptor

The next set of sketeches are a Fruit (Orange) Light Cruiser, a Fruit (Melon) Transport, and a Tomato destroyer:

Fruit (Orange) Light Cruiser Fruit (Melon) Transport Tomato Destroyer

This set of sketeches are a Meat 'Attack Wing', a Meat 'Drumstick Destroyer', and a Meat Carrier:

Meat Attack Wing Meat Drumstick Destroyer Meat Carrier

Some more sketeches of a Potato 'Saucer-type' ship, a Potato 'Spud-type' ship, and a Vegetable 'Pepper-type' ship:

Potato Saucer-type Potato Spud-type Vegetable Pepper-type

Here are some sketches of components waiting to be realized as 3D models.

Remote Mining Extractors A number of primary systems components

A couple of cargo options Life Support and Crew Quarters

A couple of armors and shield generators A number of Reactor components

And lastly, some very quick and rough sketches for the individual Space Food races...

Sure looks like a supermarket here...


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