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Besides the obvious twist, there are many unique features that make Space Food Empires a new and exciting experience compared to other SE:IV mods and significantly more interesting than the default game.

Racial Traits and Aptitudes
  • Customized racial traits that provide unique components and facilities for each major Empire
  • 12 additional traits that for specialization in areas like Enzymes, Food Poisoning, and Spices!
  • Racial aptitudes and characteristics more balanced to reduce minimizing/maximizing areas

Colonization and Expansion
  • Increased emphasis on colony development
  • More functional population modifiers for construction and resource production
  • Reduced reproduction rates and increased population weight make population management more important
  • Colonization technologies vary in cost and feasibility for each native type: Rock, Ice, and Gas Giant

Systems and Planets
  • 100 custom system types including more than 40 types of planetary systems
  • Planets tend to be more 'realistically' arranged around stars
  • Planet sizes remain the same, but have different population and cargo capacities
  • Moons and asteroids are more plentiful
  • New system types like Neutron stars, Pulsars, White Dwarfs and Supergiants that have unique functional properties!
  • Many new planet and system images are planned to make each system unique

  • The 3 major resources are now defined in terms of nutritional properties:
  • Resource collection and construction rates are much more varied and promote a more diversified economy
  • They've also been reduced by a factor of 10 to facilitiate quick math and display clarity

  • Entirely new research tree with many levels and multiple prerequisites
  • Increased research costs extends the relevance of research for the entire game
  • Lots of race specific technologies, and even a few of those can be captured!

  • Intelligence broken into 3 major areas: counter intelligence, sabotage, and espionage
  • Better balanced projects that encourage sneaky underhandiness without being cheesy
  • AI restricted to intelligence projects that it can understand and use effectively

  • Over 250 new and original events
  • Most are of a mild variety and include both positive and negative events
  • Occur more frequently during gameplay enhancing the turn-to-turn experience

  • Lots of new facilities, including many special facilities for each major empire
  • Some facilities have effects on population happiness, so be wary!
  • More military and storage options added
  • Highly developed resource arcologies differentiate homeworlds from less-developed colony worlds

  • Most ships are empire specific and have unique sizes and capabilities
  • Some ships are easily researched, while others require more advanced technologies
  • Ship classes and styles depend on the empire type, some might prefer small ships and carriers, while others favour large ships
  • A balanced combination of mounts, engine requirements and combat modifiers makes for even-handed battles between small and large ships
  • Ship and fleet training restricted to system-wide facilities only

  • Most units are now race specific
  • Components and weapons are specialized for units, not just scaled down version of ship items
  • Troop vehicles can carry troop components
  • Weapon platforms and

  • Features a pseudo-Newtonian engine system, as ships increase in size so do their engine requirements
  • Supplies separated from engines and place on reactors
  • Supplies now referred to as 'calories'
  • Lots of engine types and support components that might provide extra movement points, generate supplies, or give emergency movement

Armor and Shields
  • Includes leaky shields and leaky armor
  • Armor comes in many different forms and incorporates various abilities like stealth or emissive abilities
  • Shields are slightly less effective and will allow the occasional weapons damage to squeak through

Sensors and Cloaking
  • Specialized sensors like Combat or E.C.M. have many more levels
  • A highly developed cloaking system with many types of cloaking devices and sensors to detect them
  • Many races feature unique sensor technologies that helps give them an edge!

  • Almost 100 new weapons are added
  • Plentiful racial specific weapons makes every race's ships unique
  • Damage types are used more creatively
  • Weapon damage is balanced while avoiding being too derivative

  • Mounts are better balanced and no longer provide benefits exceeding their cost
  • Larger mounts are balanced by reducing their accuracy and increasing their cost
  • Smaller ships can carry similar amount of firepower per kT and are more difficult to hit, making for better small-big ship matchups
  • A number of mounts are race or component specific to add extra flavour to ship design

Stellar Manipulation
  • Stellar manipulation technologies are more difficult to acquire and less rampant than regular SE:IV
  • Planet creation and destruction is more difficult to perform and warp point openers have much shorter range
  • The construction of ringworlds is now more daunting and awe-inspiring, with additional requirements to satisfy!
  • The stellar manipulation technology tree is more branched and allows for more customization for an empire


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